What is 603 Diesels?

603 Diesels began in 2014 as a small truck club getting together in parking lots. Over the last 9 years we have grown to be the largest truck meet in New England.

Our events are so unique because we have something for everyone. Whether you like drag racing, show trucks, dyno runs, burnouts, vendors or tailgating - we have you covered! Our events are not diesel exclusive. We love and welcome anything with a motor!

We are family and dog friendly. Our demographic ranges from high schoolers to retired individuals.

Meet Our Family

Our team is made up of truck enthusiasts across New England. We are so grateful for our 603 Family!

Nastassja Hunter, Owner

Joey Soucise, VP


Racing Department: Sean Perkins, Garrett Peacock, Matt Roberts

Show & Shine Team: Adam Richards, Kaitlyn Tournas, Richard Quinn Colby Martel, Lexi Critch

Burnout/Tug of War Team: Kevin Shinault & Burnout Nationals

Crew Members: Leland Hunter, Ryan Trippiedi, Corey Lemay, Nicholas Robichaud, Kevin Taft, Will Sword, Cam Morse, Nate Cabral, Ryan Conway, Robert Kaminski, Eric Silva, Ralphie Tashjian, Mason

The Ladies under the tent: Miranda Tashjian, Sarah Booth, Elizabeth Peacock, Marsha Brier, Madyson Richard, Amanda, Emily Schnebel

Truck Babes: Chloe Chaimovich, Lynsey, Fiona, Katalyna , MaKayla

Media Team:

Elevated Productions

Adam Michalewicz

Reilly Woodbury